Appearances. This goes much deeper than our physical form. We’ve created a mental image of who we are “supposed” to be and lost touch with who we truly are.

When you are still, your true self is present.  You feel like yourself in your divine rhythm without worry.

It is when you are grounded when you are centered and when you decide to stop frantically searching for your inner peace in the outside world through broken people and fleeting objects.

It is when you have chosen to heal from the inside. It is choosing yourself over and over and over again. It is not avoiding your flaws but connecting with them. Meeting your insecurities and holding space for yourself before you give yourself to others. It is when you dive in without judgment and hold compassion for all that you’ve been through.

There is a force, a Creator, a greater good and this has gifted you with consciousness. The ability to separate yourself from your fears and release yourself from your own inner madness. This is your freedom.

And when you meet your freedom, you will understand that appearances never meant anything and you will take what feels like your first breath and you will just be.

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