COVID – 19 | A time for healing

As more information was coming in, I took a day to immerse in the media. I wanted to see how it might feel for others who are doing the same. So, I rolled up my sleeves and dove into the wild world of the media and COVID-19. 

That was 2 days ago and it filled me with anxiety. My thoughts were totally invaded. I carried a different energy and had to practice grounding myself multiple times throughout the day. I felt unsafe and I experienced the repercussions of the anxiety at its peak last evening. I had a swarm of old memories from past traumas hit me like a bag of bricks.

Stressful times can trigger past traumas to come to the surface and tbh, I wasn’t expecting mine to come up so readily. Today I took a personal day to sit with it all. I rescheduled 2 (virtual) meetings so that I could have the day to nurture my inner child and I had the clearest message come to me:

“Now is the time to do the inner work. Don’t run away from the triggers. You have the gift of time to sit with this.”

Oddly enough this is the perfect environment for healing. You’re going to get triggered, you have to sit in stillness, things are slowing down, and Mother Earth is feeling better. I see beautiful things in our future. 

Nonetheless, doing “the work” ain’t easy. I always call it the true warrior’s journey. It takes bravery, courage, and vulnerability to go inwards.

This got me thinking about others who may be feeling deep triggers and remembering past events in their lives. That thought brought me here. 

I see you and you are not alone.

Here are some helpful tips for healing as you are navigating your inner world.

Helpful Tips for Healing:

  • Allow yourself to feel.
  • Have an anchor. My anchor is my name. I repeat my name out loud if I notice I am stuck in an anxious thought loop. This brings me back into the present moment.
  • Journal your thoughts and emotions.
  • Create your own mantra.
  • Write about your future self.
  • Move your body.
  • Go on a walk.
  • Write a letter to yourself when you were little.
  • Take your time when you make your coffee/tea.
  • Set a bedtime.
  • Get dressed. 
  • Remind yourself that you are safe.
  • Talk it out.
  • Ask for help.
  • Sit in silence for 3 minutes.
  • Create.
  • Read that book on healing you bought.
  • Choose nourishing foods.
  • Ask what your trigger is trying to tell you.

Now more than ever before we have all been given the opportunity to slow down and look within. I see this as a  message from the Divine, encouraging us to look at ourselves, maybe for the very first time. She has gifted us solitude and in solitude is where we meet our Authentic Self.

I know this time is not easy. I know you are feeling a range of emotions and I want you to know that is okay. You are allowed to feel how you feel.

Your power is not being taken away, even if it feels like that some days. Your power is within you. It is your consciousness, your awareness, and your ability to come home to yourself. This is the time to do the work and go on that brave journey inwards. I believe in you.

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