how to start living a conscious life, an introduction to becoming a Woke Bae

Do you want to start living a more conscious aware life? A life that’s intentional and grounded? The kind of life you daydream of before you’re rudely awakened by who you “should” be?

In this blog post, you will learn:

  • What it means to live a conscious life + an introduction to becoming a Woke Bae 
  • How to wake up from your sleepwalking
  • How to create your own conscious rituals

*Now would be a good time to light your incense and pour yourself a hot bevy*

what it means to live a conscious life + an introduction to becoming a Woke Bae

It was a cold spring day in 2019. I had black coffee steaming in my favorite mug that served as my reward for completing my meditation for the day. I was playing with words in my journal that felt descriptive of who I was becoming, a practice I do often when creating my ideal self.

The word “woke” landed on the page quickly and a light-hearted “bae” tumbled after. The words together made me laugh quietly to myself and the term “Woke Bae” was born.

I wanted to be sure to cite credible sources so you can have a deeper understanding of what these words mean, respectively. According to Urban Dictionary, woke is a word currently used to describe “consciousness” and being aware of the truth and bae is used as a term of endearment toward loved ones. 

Therefore, a woke bae is someone who is conscious aware and who is admired for being themselves. At least, that’s how I have defined the term since it fell out of my pen and onto paper that chilly spring day.

I wanted to define the “Woke Bae”, who was s(he)? What did they enjoy? What did they do? How did they live? I decided that the Woke Bae was someone who is conscious. Someone who is trying to do better, be better and live more presently than they have before. 

Then names started to come to mind:

  • J. Cole? Definitely a Woke Bae.
  • Alan Watts? Might’ve been one of the firsts.
  • The little kid on the hiking trail who told me that he felt like he was at peace in nature? 100%
  • The Holistic Psychologist aka Dr. Nicole LaPera? Undoubtedly.
  • Eckhart Tolle? Duh.
  • Young Desi? Lols, that’s me and yes I’m on my own list.
  • Deepak Chopra? One of the wokest.
  • The woman learning about healing and consciousness and is starting out by following positive accounts on Instagram? That counts in my book.

Living a conscious life and being a Woke Bae go hand in hand.

Living a conscious life is living a life presently. It’s knowing that you are the creator of your life, for the creator lives within you. It’s sitting in stillness even when it’s uncomfortable. It’s accepting that you are not your past and you have a choice to manifest your future. It’s the untethering yourself from all the things you were told you “should” be that sacrificed who you authentically are.

A Woke Bae is conscious aware, she’s trying her best. She’s healing and she keeps going even when there’s pain that sneaks up from her past. She goes slower, she moves on, she changes with the seasons.

A conscious life is a life that combines intention with focused attention and breaking free from the person you were trying to be. To live consciously is simply to be here, in the now, and come to know that you are no-thing, no-being, and that is your power.

A Woke Bae is anyone who is seeking growth and choosing to live life wide awake instead of sleepwalking through it.

how to wake up from your sleepwalking

The more you pay attention to your present moment, the more you will start to notice the small details that seemed nonexistent before. When you bring all of your attention to the present you cannot be in the past or in the future. You’ll just be here.

When you arrive at your present moment you can’t be concerned with what has transpired or what is to come, unless you choose to consciously create it. 

You are not your thoughts, you are the one who observes them.

Remind yourself of this often. This means you can change them.

When you let your thoughts get the best of you you are unable to be present. You become worried or anxious and lose sight of your inherent power and before you know it you’re sleepwalking again.

You can practice creating separation from your thoughts by meditating and journaling.

  • Meditating (observing your thoughts)
  • Journaling (writing your thoughts)

Quick Tip: If you’re trying meditation for the first time start with 3 minutes a day so you can adapt to the practice. Oh, and PS, there is no wrong way to do this.

Let’s turn these conscious practices into a dope ritual that you look forward to each day as you’re living your new Woke Bae lifestyle.

how to create your own conscious rituals that you look forward to each day

First, decide which conscious practice you are most drawn to. Is it meditation? Is it journaling? Pick one to start.

Second, decide if this will be a morning ritual or night time ritual.

Third, think of a few ways you can make this special. I personally love to burn incense while I meditate or listen to some groovy tunes while I journal. 

Last but not least, keep track of how many days you are practicing your conscious exercises! This helps keep you accountable for following through with your new ritual and will give you a way to track your progress by taking on a new Woke Bae habit.


If you want to live a conscious life and start living a Woke Bae lifestyle all you have to do is:

  • Connect with your present moment
  • Create separation from your thoughts
  • Develop a conscious ritual that gets you in the habit of observing yourself daily

It’s seemingly simple but it takes dedication, awareness, and surrendering of everything you used to know.

Shifting from being your thoughts to observing your thoughts is possible. If I can do it, so can you… and trust me, I work at this every single day and intend to for the rest of my earthly life.

The more you practice the more aware you will become. What are your thoughts on the Woke Bae lifestyle? Will you try your own conscious ritual this week? Leave a comment and let me know!

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