Intentional Reality

In·ten·tion·al | /inˈten(t)SH(ə)n(ə)l/ | adjective | done on purpose; deliberate.

There is a word that brings the lessons of mindfulness, being in the present moment and meditation all together and it’s intention.

I was listening to queen Oprah yesterday as I was running around town. I’ve been intentionally swapping out the radio for podcasts lately. This message stood out to me:

You are creating your reality as you think and act upon your thoughts. The universe is constantly reflecting that reality back to us.

Whoo- did that hit you like that hit me? You are constantly creating your reality based on your thoughts and how you act on those thoughts.

 You have the tools to switch up your reality, if you dare. Bringing intention to your thoughts gives you the power to change them. You are capable of redirecting your inner dialog. When your mind starts to wander or goes down the rabbit hole of negative self chatter, simply by bringing awareness to that voice in your mind will give you the ability to change the dialog or silence that voice all together. You can try it now if you’d like. Say “hey voice, it me” in your mind. Now you have awareness of it. Let the voice know that you’re going to be intentional with it today. You’re going to notice when that voice goes down the never ending “what if’s” and ask it to simply appreciate the present moment.

The universe is constantly reflecting our reality back to us. This is powerful, this is yours. You have the ability to change it and make it all that you ever wanted.

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