Three ways to reparent yourself for increased self-worth

Reparenting is the act of showing up as your own best parent. Think of it as your parents passing the baton over to take full responsibility for your adult life.⁣

If you resonate with the term “high achieving woman” then you are probably used to excelling at the things you do. You slay at work, get promoted often, might even own your own business, and are recognized for what you do regularly.⁣

However, there is a dirty little secret you feel like you’re trying to hide. And you are praying to the goddess of confidence (ahem, Beyonce) that no one finds out that you kinda, sorta, and totally struggle with low self-esteem.⁣

It’s okay. I think it’s safe to say that we all have our moments of self-doubt and questioning, I know I sure do! The key is that you know how to be on your team and become your own best cheerleader, and here’s the kicker: you actually believe in yourself.⁣⁣

Different parenting types can lead to how you perceive your self-worth and where your baseline self-esteem lies. This happens in part to your conditioning, what you saw, and how you were disciplined while growing up and praised (or not praised) when you had an achievement.⁣

I’ve collected 3 reparenting tactics that I coach my clients through while working on increasing their self-esteem:⁣

  1. Write a letter to your inner child⁣
    [share your accomplishments and feel-good moments from the last 6 months]⁣
  2. Create an “I am” affirmation or mantra⁣
    [what area needs the most attention? Ex: I am confident and proud of myself]⁣
  3. Start saying, “no.”⁣
    [are people taking advantage of your generosity? Try saying “no” to the next ask that is out of alignment for you]⁣

⁣It’s okay to be doing the inner work, and it doesn’t take away from your incredibly kick-ass accomplishments. It means you recognize areas for personal growth and want to prioritize your emotional wellbeing as much as you prioritize work.⁣

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