The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

Founder & CEO, Certified Conscious Life Coach, Certified NLP, and Reparenting Specialist, Desirèe Kaye has coached hundreds of women on their healing journey's and she is excited to guide you through the inner work.


Conscious Life Coaching

One on One Life Coaching

Are you ready to commit to the inner work? Together, we will spend four months dedicated to reparenting and healing your inner child. Get ready to radically accept yourself and step into the unapologetic version of the women you desire to become. This is for you if you are a recovering perfectionist, high achiever, and are seeking high-touch support.



"I am going to try and write this without crying but I can’t make any promises. I found Des after doing some work on my own and realizing that I needed support to help me through the journey. After a 30min call, I hung up the phone and felt like I was finally seen for the first time in a long time. Our first 8 weeks of 1-1 coaching was nothing short of weekly epiphanies and full-body chills. She made me feel safe to open up immediately and held space for me with such grace. She honored my emotions and allowed me to go deep into limiting beliefs and reparenting myself to feel safe in my own skin. I can’t recommend Des enough. She’s such a loving coach and inspires me to keep going on this healing journey!" - Kara K.


Divine Realign

Group Coaching

An 8-week healing group coaching program designed to educate women on parenting types so they can best heal core wounds. Are you ready to finally understand why you keep running into the same patterns? Learn all about your conditioning and be guided through reparenting practices to let go of old patterns and realign with who you were always meant to be with a supportive community of women going through similar experiences.

Applicants must go through an interview process with Desirèe to ensure Divine Realign is aligned with you and the group's goals.


"The [Divine Realign] program saved me. It saved me from the spiraling habits of depression, self-ridicule, and just shame I felt for whatever my role-self didn't see as perfect. This program taught me that childhood trauma exists, and it's nothing to be embarrassed of. I learned that who I am is just as beautiful as who I'm working to be and the "growing" process is the needed time to be conscious for."⁣⁣ - Des A., Divine Realign Alumni


90 Minute Intensive


Looking for streamlined attention in one or two areas of your life? Walk away with a recording of your session + access to your self-study course on consciousness.


Start your healing journey